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Point loading tends not to dissipate so far, and deflection of the base is not as great, so the base serves excellently for profile. The new material flow concept enabled the impact crusher to process the material quickly and reliably for further use. Valmir Bonfim is very happy with the result. They had been deliberately selected by Valmir Bonfim: «On a construction site of this size, where the rehabilitation of the various sections has to be completed within one day, we couldn’t afford to take any risks. Large, twin-chamber proportioning hopper Large proportioning hopper with hydraulically folding vibrating screens for reliable screening of oversize material. And not before time, since the 25-cm cement-bound base course that lies under the asphalt was severely damaged due to the high daily volumes of some 125,000 vehicles in each direction, of which 15% comprise heavy goods vehicles. The greatest concentration of pressure will be at the surface, and then distributed in a bell-shape to depths below. That’s why we decided to use the Wirtgen Group’s reliable machines and its state-of-the-art technologies and application processes.» Ongoing assistance from Wirtgen Group experts and service technicians provided additional security.

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Einstellung. 45cm width for asphalt cutting, needs 65- 120Ltr. oil/min., full equippe… — Asphalt Planers Germany — Lohmar ( Nordrhein-Westfalen ) new — Neue SIMEX Fräse mit 25cm Breite, max 7cm Tiefe für kleine Lader und Kompaktlader! This fatigue cracking usually, but not always, is manifested by so-called alligator cracking. Additional Information Powerful diesel engine High-performance diesel engine to ensure independence from public power supply. Further mixing options include the use of cement and bitumen emulsion, or cement and foamed bitumen. Juliano Gewehr, Product Specialist, Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários Loudon International and its engineers were in charge of the mix design and quality monitoring. Alvaro Rodrigo Pinheiro, Engineering Manager at Ecopistas, the concessionaire, is impressed by Wirtgen’s cold recycling technology and sees it as an excellent, eco-friendly solution for the structural repair of the Brazilian road network. Von hier aus gehen Produktinnovationen in alle Welt, die bei den Anwendern Maßstäbe setzen: für höchste Qualität, Haltbarkeit und für Anwenderfreundlichkeit. Download our current Parts and More catalogue here.

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Read Usina de Notícias No. 32 FORUM 52 – This issue focuses on true closeness to our customers. Bases for flexible HMA and portland cement concrete roads differ greatly. The hot bitumen is foamed in the expansion chamber of the KMA 220 by adding air and water. But as fatigue cracking will appear in existing pavements, a road manager’s first challenge will be to rebuild the existing pavement to preclude future bottom-up fatigue cracking. In 2011 the Virginia Department of Transportation rebuilt a section of I-81 in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The road rehabilitation programme for the 17,000-km-long road network creates an additional 20,000 m³ of asphalt material each month, which has been stored in refuse dumps up to now. The Vögele SUPER 1300-3 tracked paver was used to apply an unusually thin 2-cm surface course. A Hamm GRW 280 rubber wheeled roller took care of the final compaction of the asphalt mix. The KMA220 offers a range of options for binding agents and can use cement, bitumen emulsion or even foamed bitumen. The base beneath a rigid PCC slab is there to provide profile, as the loading from traffic is carried by the slab.

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Products > Construction and Mining Equipment > Cold recycler > Wirtgen Providing a maximum mixing capacity of up to 220 t/h, the KMA 220 Mobile Cold Recycling Mixing Plant is designed with a twin-shaft continuous compulsory mixer used for road construction where different binding agents are mixed. Wirtgen is broadening its recycling equipment line-up with its latest KMA220 RAP plant. But the perceptive road manager knows that fatigue cracking in less-deep asphalt pavements is a symptom of distressed base layers, and is indicative of a pavement on its way to failure. More information Slewing conveyor Powerful conveyor system with large slewing angles for discharge of the recycled mix on trucks or stockpile. The cold recycling mixing plant allows us to re-use the reclaimed material. We optimize it by adding binders and supplementary materials in order to deliver a pavement with a very long service life and optimum material properties. The KMA220 delivers cold mix in batch mode or in continuous mode, with the material being directly loaded into trucks or stockpiled using the plant’s slewing discharge conveyor. This mobile design permits easy transfer to various locations and a fast setup.

Technical Highlights Auger conveyor with weighing unit Slewing auger conveyor including weighing auger for the precise feeding of cement from a cement silo or hopper. The municipal authorities decided to take action and created a legal basis for the reuse of reclaimed asphalt pavement and construction rubble in the construction of new roads. Based on the excellent results obtained, Ecopistas is planning to make further investments in this technology in the coming years. The approximately 10-cm asphalt surface course and the underlying 25-cm cement stabilization layer, both requiring rehabilitation, were milled out separately and conveyed onto trucks. Their literature review quotes a field study that found top-down cracking occurs in pavement layers that typically are more than 6.3 inches thick. The control elements and displays provide the operator with full and precise information on all the relevant process parameters. Additional Information Quick setup procedure Hydraulically driven components to speed up the plant’s setup procedure. Water got in and stayed in. We actually had some pumping of water and fines coming up through the surface. While the symptoms of this deterioration could have been addressed by mill-and-overlay, VDOT says, the underlying condition would have remained, and the cause of this extensive wear could only be remedied by reworking all the material down to the subgrade.

Additional Information Large water tank 4,500-litre water tank for reliable water supply during the recycling process. Wo Mineralien gewonnen, Rohstoffe abgebaut und Baumaterial zerkleinert und recycelt wird, wo Böden bearbeitet und Metallflächen vor Verschleiß geschützt werden müssen, da ist Hartmetall von BETEK im Einsatz: als Werkzeugsystem, als Verschleißschutzlösung, als Bauteil. The foamed bitumen is combined with the hydrated lime and the reclaimed material to produce a homogeneous mix. The stabilizing agent effectively seals or waterproofs the base to keep the moisture out and make it more stable, thus providing a superior foundation to resist bottom-up fatigue cracking. This characteristic alligator or chicken wire pattern appears in later stages of deterioration. For this work the top 2 inches of pavement was milled off, followed by cold in-place recycling (CIR) of the next 5 inches. Darüber hinaus bietet BETEK seinen Kunden umfassende Leistungen – bis hin zur Beratung direkt am Einsatzort und eine zuverlässige Logistik. And stiffness of asphalt does not seem to be an issue, the study says; in sections that exhibit top-down cracking, falling weight deflectometer (FWD) data do not show as much reduction in structural stiffness as do sections that exhibit full-depth cracking.

Product ChooseWS 150WS 220WS 250WR 200 / WR 200iWR 240 / WR 240iWR 250 / WR 250i2200 CR3800 CRKMA 220 / KMA 220iWM 1000WLB 10 SWLM 30WLV 1 Mobile cold recycling mixing plant for the production of cold mixes for road construction by adding various binding agents. Each needs to be compacted at or near its optimum moisture content, neither too dry nor too wet, although too dry is better than too wet for any compaction. The tight timeframe meant that a thick asphalt pavement was out of the question. Pieces up to the size of a golf ball could come out of the road. All in all, this adds up to a very cost-effective and eco-friendly process. Cold recycling technology enjoys a reputation for excellence worldwide – and now the Technical Manager at Fremix can see why. That’s why the work was carried out at night during the week or at weekends,» explains Elio Cepollina Junior, Commercial Manager at Fremix.