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The PRESIDIUM DUOTESTER provides the user with a digital reflectivity meter and an easy to use Simulant Reflectivity Chart. Download our PDF catalogue In today’s competitive gemstone market, all professional jewellers must own a sophisticated range of diamond testing equipment. Audible beep and visual lights indicating and separating diamond from moissanite. Single-bbsproduct.php Buy Now Presidium Duo Tester (PDT) is the only comprehensive tool on the market that combines two proven testing methods for gemstones. PDT differentiates diamonds from its simulants based on both their thermal conductivity and reflective indexes. The user is assured of the highest satisfaction and dependable service from this PRESIDIUM instrument. You may want to power the diamond tester with a convenient and replaceable battery, unfettered by a power cord. Or, you may want to sit at your bench and bulk test gemstones one after the other, relying on AC power. Add $35.00 for optional pwer cord Retail List Price is $229.00 Our priceis only$199.95 CULTURE III Diamond Testerby JSP One of the best on the market for the money with more features than most.

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Superior Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Sleek consumer packaging consists of a Premium GemOro embossed black leatherette presentation style case, with full color outer box cover, leatherette carrying pouch for storage. Probe Tip Sensitivity Enhancer Sheath (PTSES). ULTRAGrip rubberized Dura-Paint finish with European style chrome plated accent panels. Light wear and scratches expected on bezel, overall light cleaning, sold as is. LG Testing: Jewelry is tested using the JSP Acid Test Solution for and gold and silver material, and the Presidium Duo Tester for precious stones. Select from a wide range of state-of-the-art diamond testers from Cape Watchmakers. Though I do appreciate your suggestions: most of the finds are far too small to test for coolness with your fingers. Batteries and AC adapter optional. FEATURES: Surface Mount Technology Clear LED display for Diamond, Moissanite and Simulants No waiting time between tests. Coated gemstones can also be generally tested with the PDT. The Presidium Duo Tester comes with a probe pen that has a retractable probe tip which ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during testing for more reliable results.

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However, diamond finds of that magnitude are extremely rare at the Crater. The DuoTester can be powered by 5 AA alkaline batteries or by the 100V/240V Global A/C electrical adapter provided. This is important because a metal prong will register as diamond on most diamond testers that lack a metal warning. If you will be using the diamond tester in multiple locations, you will want one that will test diamonds accurately across a range of different room temperatures. Calibration of the Reflectivity Meter is made easy with the optional, built-in Diamond simulant set, consisting of seven different species of faceted gemstones, including High Zircon, Strontium Titanate, GGG, YAG, Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Spinel, and Synthetic Sapphire. The measuring probes together with the electronics circuitries are designed to pick up and segregate data collected from the stone at high speed via a customized micro-controller.

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This could include tests that measure the optical properties or electrical conductivity of stones. So, if you are looking for a diamond testing equipment to meet your needs, look no further. The test results are indicated by distinctive visual lights and audible beeps, one each for Moissanite, Simulant, Metal and Diamond. How long is your warranty and where do you get your warranty service done? We feature combination diamond/moissanite testers made by Tri-Electronics, based in San Diego, California. The easy-to-read dial of the DUOTESTER (see close-up photo) is calibrated to indicate the differences in thermal conductivity of the most popular gemstones and simulants.

Home > Products > Fiber Lasers > Continuous Wave > Visible Fiber Lasers MPBC’s CW Visible Fiber Laser Series are an ideal choice for applications where wavelength stability are paramount. Gray shock resistant housing with easy to read instructions. Are you having a hard time distinguishing real diamonds from fake stones? No need to worry, Cape Watchmakers have a wide range of diamond testing equipment available. Coated gemstones can also be generally tested with the PGT/CSE. The Presidium Gem Tester / Colored Stone Estimator has a retractable probe tip that ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during testing for more reliable results. Since most diamond multi-testers work this way, how do you shop for a diamond tester? The measuring probes together with the electronics circuitries are designed to pick up and segregate data collected from the stones via a customized micro-controller. Built-in AC adapter. (Special Order item We may not provide) Ceres Dual XL Moissonite/Diamond tester available.

These equipment help in verifying the authenticity of diamonds, without one having to acquire any gemological education or experience. This results in the device registering these natural diamonds as fake diamonds. Ask for costs for shipping outside of USA. Payment Information We accept Cashier’s check, Postal Money Orders. We also accept personal checks , but allow 15 working days to clear bank processing. Made in the USA. Shipping weight 2 lb. CZeckpoint XL List is $149.00 Our price is $129.95 CZeckpoint List is $179.00 Our price is $149.00 Ceres Dual XL Diamond/MoissaniteTester Click on photos to enlarge What is Moissanite? Make checks and money orders payable to «Jack Slevkoff» We no longer accept credit cards due to credit card fraud and identity theft. No Western Union. Metal detector intermittent beep Measured diamond — continuous beep Low battery consumption Shipping weight 2 lb.

Note: Any extra props (i.e., stands, mannequins, etc.) are not part of the auction and are for presentation purposes only. Retractable tip to ensure the accuracy and consistent pressure between the measuring probe and gemstone. Money Orders or Cashiers Checks are preferred. WIRES Wires are a quick way to make payment especially for those who are outside the US. Our Routing and Account information will be provided upon request. Double your confidence in testing for diamonds against all known simulants, including Synthetic Moissanite. Your purchase will also include an expanded Reflectivity chart covering the entire universe of stones, 54 species in all, from Glass through Colored Stones, and into Diamond and its various simulants. Our priceis only$254.95 DiamondMate (PDMT) Diamond Tester by Presidium Click on photos to enlarge A pocket-size, thermal conductivity method of verifying the authenticity of diamonds. All stones indicated as diamond by the thermal tester should be tested with the reflectivity meter to test for Synthetic Moissanite, thus providing double the assurance for the same price. Fail-Safe protection—checks against diamond and simulanrt test discs.(See below for stone set) Optional 7 piece referent stone set for consistent presense between the measuring probe and gemstone… add $117.50 Shipping weight 5 lb. When you receive the invoice, just follow PayPal’s instructions and make payment accordingly for the amount We indicate.

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