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Конструктор Лего Майндстормс дает возможность создать своего персонального робота, научив его различным действиям. Later, the Toa Ignika sacrifices itself to awaken Mata Nui, causing an energy storm that the Toa and Av-Matoran narrowly escape. The Toa Metru eventually combined their elemental powers to imprison Makuta in a seal of crystallized protodermis before continuing on their voyage. Plus for those special sets that you can build in multiple ways, you’ll find alternative instructions for extra under the set number. We hope you find what you’re looking for, but please get in touch if you have any questions. Box Contains 1 x FURNO mini robot with a weapon and accessory.

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When Tahu bestows it, a wave of energy is unleashed that incinerates all the Kraata powering the Rahkshi armor, leaving the Skakdi and Skrall greatly outnumbered. Наборы позволяют собирать модели автомобилей, самолётов, поездов, кораблей, зданий, роботов. LEGO воплощает идею модульности, наглядно демонстрирующую детям то, как можно решать некоторые технические проблемы, а также прививает навыки сборки, ремонта и разборки техники. Лего Креатор позволит воплотить любую фантазию Вашего ребенка! Серия представляет различные сборные модели супер-героев, обладающих различными уникальными способностями. With their destiny fulfilled and power expended, the Toa return to their stars to overlook a safe Okoto, with the intent of returning should danger ever arise again. This is a brilliant build-able figure and would go perfectly with Captain Phasma. Defeating the Lord of Skull Spiders upon arrival, they venture inside in search of the resting place of Ekimu. Лего Ниндзяго Lego Ninjago — Лего Ниндзя вышел на тропу войны! Все они обладают супер силой и потрясающими возможностями. Конструктор и набор для сражений в одной коробке! Now, Makuta has taken control of the Rahi — the island’s fauna — to attack the Matoran and their villages.

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Набор Лего Замок перенесет Вас в загадочный мир волшебства и рыцарства! The build is easy, enjoyable and the finished model looks awesome and movie-accurate. However, Pohatu’s stubbornness to unite with Ketar, the Creature of Stone, allows Umarak to ambush him and use Ketar to enter himself. Фантазия и кубики творили чудеса, а каждая новая машинка была не похожа на предыдущую. Лего Супергерои Конструкторы Лего Супергерои один из самых ярких и боевых наборов Лего. В набор Lego SUPER HEROES входят супергерои любимых фильмов и комиксов: Бэтман, Железный человек, Супермен, Зеленый фонарь и многие другие. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – in the episode «To the Lighthouse», John Henry plays with a few of the 2008 Mistika sets along with a Lego construct of Mount Valmai. The stormtrooper has brilliant pose-ability and so is perfect for role play or for display. It’s sturdy so it would easily stand up to being played with and the blaster adds a great, fun play feature. Meanwhile, the Mask of Life reduces Tahu into his original Toa Mata form so he can don the Golden Armor; a weapon originally devised to destroy the Makuta species if they were to ever betray Mata Nui.[17] Teridax notices and scatters the armor across the desert with an energy blast. Followed by the rest of the Mata Nui populace, Takanuva confronts the Makuta in his lair and clashes with him in a game of Kohlii, before both fall into a pool of energized protodermis and re-emerge as Takutanuva, a fusion of the two. Other elements were later introduced as the story continued. 2001 – Coming of the Toa[edit] On the tropical island paradise of Mata Nui, a shadow has fallen.

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Товарищ, отвечающий за ближний бой, и ваш персонаж, умеющий в стрельбе. Retrieved 2006-08-14. ^ «Lego agrees to stop using Maori names». London: BBC News. 2001-10-30. Retrieved 2006-08-14. ^ Bionicle Encyclopedia, Scholastic 2007 ^ All Insane Kids, www.last.fm External links[edit]. The Toa, bestowed with new armor and weapons by Ekimu, are tasked in finding the Elemental Creatures — ancient beings who incarnate the very life force of the elements and know the locations of the Toa’s Golden Masks of Unity as well as Makuta’s Mask of Control. One Matoran, Takua, banished due to his lack of work ethic, now travels the island looking for stories to tell, earning him the nickname of «The Chronicler». On one journey, he finds six ancient power stones and brings them to Kini Nui, the heart of the island. References in popular culture[edit] Television[edit] Friends – in several episodes, the 2001 Toa Mata sets in the combiner Toa Kaita forms can be seen sporadically in Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

Brain Attack вносит свой баланс в крайности, позволяя вволю насладиться процессом игры, но не увлекаясь чрезмерно. However, the Kal’s powers soon run wild and destroy them. Смесь Трансформеров, Тихоокеанского рубежа и Crimsonland, с очень приятным управлением и любимой серией игрушек за главный героев. This gives Ekimu the time to recreate his Hammer of Power and defeat the Skull Grinder by knocking the mask off his face. After convincing the Glatorian and Agori to let him use the prototype robot that they use as their Mega-Village, Mata Nui places the power source, the Mask of Life and his spirit inside it, and as the vessel, begins the process of reuniting Bara Magna with its satellites. Product Safety This product is subject to specific safety warnings Warning: Only for domestic use Warning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult Product Description Product Description Get to the briefing room. Собрать своего супергероя из деталей, приделать ему четыре руки, дать в каждую по мечу, который даже короля Артура вогнал бы в зависть, и выставить против суперзлодея, не менее крутого. Каждый из них обладает уникальными особенностями и сверхспособностями. Must Have фанатам, Must See всем остальным!LEGO ExamplesРазработчик: Building ExamplesЦена: бесплатноПротестировано на: Acer Iconia B1 16GbСсылка на Google Play: автомобили, космические корабли, замки, Эйфелева башняНе стареют душой ветераны! Initially, the idea of Bionicle faced resistance from company traditionalists as Lego had no experience of creating a story-based brand of their own.

Relaunch[edit] Work on a relaunch for Bionicle began in 2012. Matt Betteker, who previously created concept art for the successor of Bionicle, Hero Factory, as a Junior Designer, became a Senior Designer on the project. Ракеты доставляют жуков на различные планеты к самым разнообразным чудищам, на лицо ужасным, но добрым внутри. The Makuta, however, realizing that their leader had in fact sent them to their deaths, are obliterated by the storm. ЛЕГО Фабрика героев (Lego Hero Factory) — необычная серия конструкторов для детей увлекающихся фантастикой, космосом, приключенческими историями. Clangers – in the episode «Small’s New Star», a couple of Bionicle set parts are present among the junk in the Iron Chicken’s nest. However, six new elite Bohrok — the Bohrok-Kal — appear with the intention of releasing the Bahrag so the Bohrok may swarm once again.