Yamaha rx-v350rds инструкция

Page 25 RX-V363/HTR-6130 • Operation procedure of Main menu and Sub-menu There are 14 menu items, each of having sub-menu items. Ideally, each speaker should be the same distance from the Following is an example where “100Hz”… Page 52: Input Menu Set menu ■ Audio settings G)AUDIO SET 2 INPUT MENU Use this feature to adjust the overall audio settings of this unit. Page 44: Using Ipod Using iPod™ Once you have stationed your iPod in a Yamaha iPod universal dock (such as the YDS-10, sold separately) connected to the DOCK terminal of this unit (see page 18), you can enjoy playback of your iPod using the supplied remote control. Notes • Make sure you disconnect your headphones from this unit. • If you wish to configure this unit manually using more precise adjustments, use the detailed parameters in “SOUND MENU” (see page 45). Page 27 Basic setup Press 7 ENTER to confirm your selection. Connect a pair of headphones with a stereo The active front speaker set changes as follows: analog audio cable plug to the PHONES jack on the front panel. The signal is processed using EFFECT OFF. The checksum is obtained by adding the data at every 8 bits for each program area and expressing the result as a 4- figure hexadecimal data.

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Page 24 RX-V363/HTR-6130 When there is a history of protection function due to abnormal voltage in the power supply section PRV PRT:xxx AD value when the protection function is working Cause: The voltage in the power supply section is abnormal. Location… Page 67 RX-V363/HTR-6130 OPERATION (7) P.C.B. OPERATION (7) P.C.B. (Side A) (Side B) MAIN (4) (CB192) W2351 JK266 PORTABLE VIDEO AUDIO VIDEO AUX OPERATION (10) P.C.B. OPERATION (11) P.C.B. (Side A) (Side A) OPERATION (1) (CB204) V_CTRL STANDBY • Semiconductor Location Ref no. Page 29 Game Playing Note When iPod is connected to the Yamaha iPod universal dock or a Bluetooth component is connected to the Bluetooth adapter, this unit plays back the audio sources input at the DOCK terminal. Front speakers Place your speakers in the room and connect them to this unit. Note Be sure to connect your video components in the same way you connect your video monitor to this unit. Page 32 RX-V363/HTR-6130 9. A/D DATA CHECK This menu is used to display the A/D conversion value of the microprocessor which detects panel keys of this unit and protection functions in using the sub-menu. You can create your original SCENE templates by editing the preset SCENE templates. Yamaha will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than specified. Page 37: Using The Sleep Timer, Playing Video Sources In The Playback ■ Using the sleep timer ■ Playing video sources in the Use this feature to automatically set this unit to the background standby mode after a certain amount of time.

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Select this sub-menu to protect the values set by the user. This menu is used to change the function of this unit by switching the function settings on P.C.B. through the software. Page 50 Set menu ■ Speaker level LFE/Bass out BASS OUT B)SP LEVEL Use this feature to select the speakers that output the LFE Use this feature to manually adjust the output level of each (low-frequency effect) and the low-frequency signals. speaker. Page 37 RX-V363/HTR-6130 14. ROM VER/SUM The firmware version and checksum values are displayed.

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Refer to the operating instructions for those components. Use this feature to start pairing the connected Yamaha Bluetooth adapter (such as YBA-10, sold separately) with ■ Display settings A)DISPLAY SET your Bluetooth component. Page 35: Selecting Audio Input Jacks Playback ■ Selecting audio input jacks Press 7 l / h to adjust the effect level while (AUDIO SELECT) “NIGHT:CINEMA” or “NIGHT:MUSIC” is This unit comes with a variety of input jacks. You can adjust the output level of each speaker while listening to a music source.

You can combine a video image from a video source with sound from an audio source. Page 41: Fm/am Tuning, Automatic Tuning, Manual Tuning FM/AM TUNING FM/AM tuning There are 2 tuning methods: automatic and manual. You can also use the automatic and manual preset tuning features to store up to 40 stations. Change the initial settings (indicated in bold under each parameter) to reflect the needs of your listening environment. Automatic tuning is effective when station signals are strong and there is no interference. If the signal from the station you want to select is weak, tune into it manually. Page 34: Additional Operations, Using Your Headphones Playback ■ Selecting the front speaker set Additional operations Press I SPEAKERS repeatedly to turn on or off ■ Using your headphones the set of front speakers connected to the FRONT A or FRONT B speaker terminals. The noise frequency for LFE (SUBWOOFER) is 35 to 80 Hz. Other than that, the noise frequency is 500 to 2 kHz. TEST ALL 7.TEST ALL Noise is output from all channels.

  1. Loosen Insert Tighten… Page 10: Step 2: Connect Your Dvd Player And Other Components Quick start guide Step 2: Connect your DVD player Connect the video cable to the video input and other components jack on your video monitor and the VIDEO MONITOR OUT jack on this unit.
  2. Video monitor ANTENNA SPEAKERS AV receiver SURROUND CENTER FRONT B… Page 11: Step 3: Turn On The Power And Press Scene 1 Button SCENE button.
  3. The SCENE templates are built combinations of input sources and sound field programs. If you connect a Yamaha product that has capability of the SCENE control signals, this unit can automatically activate the component and start playback.
  4. Refer to the instruction manual of the DVD player for further information.
  5. Page 12: What Do You Want To Do With This Unit Quick start guide What do you want to do with this Notes unit?
  6. You must connect a cable TV or a satellite tuner to this unit in advance.
  7. Page 15: Connecting Speakers Connections Connecting speakers Be sure to connect the left channel (L), right channel (R), “+” (red) and “–” (black) properly. If the connections are faulty, this unit cannot reproduce the input sources accurately.
  8. Page 20 Connections ■ Connecting to the HDMI or COMPONENT VIDEO jacks You can enjoy high-quality pictures by connecting your video monitor and video source components to this unit using HDMI or COMPONENT VIDEO connections.

Main menu selection: Select the menu using “>” (forward) and “<” (reverse) keys of PROGRAM. Sub-menu selection: Select the sub-menu using “SCENE 2” (forward) and “SCENE 1” (Reverse) keys. Page 54: Option Menu E)BLUETOOTH 3 OPTION MENU Start pairing START PAIRING Use this menu to adjust the optional system parameters. Page 21: Connecting Audio Components Connections Connecting audio components ■ Connecting a CD player and a CD recorder/MD recorder Make sure that this unit and other Note components are unplugged from the AC wall outlets. Press 7 n to select “SET” and then 7 l / h to select the desired setting. • If you selected “YES” in step 9, the setup procedure is completed and the display returns to the top set menu display. Location D103 Q106 D104 Q107 D107 Q108 D161 Q121 D162 Q122 D163 Q123 IC161... Page 70 RX-V363/HTR-6130 • Semiconductor Location Ref no. Listed in the table below are menu items and sub-menu items. When you connect your CD player via analog and digital connection, priority is given to the signal input at the DIGITAL INPUT jack. Page 3 Modifications not expressly approved by following measures: Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product.

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