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The contractor will often attempt to recover its delay costs beyond the original contractual completion date by means of a claim. Not every CCN results in a subsequent change order. The following describe the simplest processes for the least complex and low risk projects. The «Bank Rate» means the rate of interest established by the Bank of Canada as the minimum rate at which it makes short term advances to members of the Canadian Payments Association. Ensure sufficient monies are retained in the ‘holdback’ to have these deficiencies corrected by the Surety or an alternate contractor, should this become necessary. For such changes an Extension of Time on Contracts (form 1801) must be utilized. The estimated amount required to correct all deficiencies and complete the remainder of the work will be assessed on the interim certificate. The estimated cost of the construction work to be tendered is the main consideration when determining whether to use public advertisement or a source list.

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Where it is determined that meeting the completion date is critical, the impacts of not meeting this date should be discussed including the process for extensions of time and assessments for late completion. This process is rarely used as it is time-consuming and generally offers few advantages over other tendering approaches. 3. Limited Tendering Limited Tendering is a process where one or more selected tenderers or proponents are invited to submit bids or proposals. This methodology enables the contractor to be paid for work performed under the change order on the progress claims, and minimizes the impact of the change on their cash flow and financing costs. Confirmation of the project cost is established upon receipt of bids. Such differences, if they occur, will not delay payment in a revised amount. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Manuals & Guides It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Subject to any agreement between the Contractor and the claimant, the arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the governing Provincial or Territorial legislation applicable to the site of the Work. When acting as an Advisor, the Construction Manager may do very limited work but generally will provide consulting type services. A Construction Manager Semi-at-Risk however will engage the trades and perform the role often carried out by a General Contractor on a standard D-B-B Project. The practice of a «wait and see» approach to impact of delays/disruptions is not encouraged.

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Department has full control over design and construction. All warranties and guarantees are to be collected by the contractor and submitted to the PM acknowledging the dates as agreed to by PWGSC. Warranty Inspections: Warranty inspection dates should be established to occur approx. 2 months prior to the warranty expiration date. They are chaired by the contract officer with the PM acting in an advisory role for all technical matters. Should all deficiencies not be completed, advise all the same stakeholders, identify the outstanding deficiencies and incomplete work in sufficient detail for other contractors to submit quotations and prepare a credit change order for RPC approval. The contractor shall advise all suppliers of the proper shipping address. Real Property Branch Senior Project Manager, Regional Manager, Project Manager & Director review projects “at risk”. Project team prepares Mitigation Plan to address Risk issue(s). Director approves Mitigation Plan and raises to senior levels as required. Neither the client nor any other member of the project team is to correspond with, or issue instructions to the contractor or subcontractors. For Change Orders: A copy of the originally approved RPB Short Form. (NCA only) A completed Change Order form with the additional work fully detailed.

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The construction manager acts as a consultant to the Department. Established standard contracts, risk management mechanisms, familiarity in design and construction industry. Such payment is, to the extent of the payment, a discharge of Canada’s liability to the Contractor under the Contract and may be deducted from any amount payable to the Contractor under the Contract. The contractor should be advised that payment can be made separately for ‘materials on site’ even though they are not shown in the breakdown. The Project Manager: ensures that the contractor’s application is received on PWGSC form 1801 ‘Extension of Time on Contract’. The use of PWGSC ‘Change Order’ form is not acceptable for this purpose. Site photographs should again be taken for possible future need. The Contractor shall, at the request of any claimant, submit to binding arbitration those questions that need to be answered to establish the entitlement of the claimant to payment. The pre-construction start-up meeting takes place following the award of a construction contract and should not be confused with the tender review meeting (also called the pre-award meeting), which takes place, as required, prior to the award of a contract. Competitive bids provide an innovative industry-driven design solution in response to the detailed client requirements/performance specifications that outline the owner’s need.

The D-B-B process is utilized as the benchmark when assessing the need for other approaches. Contact the Senior Project Manager (SPM), the Contract Change Management Unit (NCA only) and the contract officer to jointly establish contract strategy and issue an official ‘notice’ under the contract, via double registered mail. Mandatory Change Order Log to accompany Change Orders and Amendments. The Project Manager can then authorize the contractor to proceed with change Note: Work cannot proceed until contractual approval has been provided by RPC and the quotation received is within the approved amount and is fair and reasonable.

Upon receipt of a notice of claim, Canada may withhold, from any amount that is due and payable to the Contractor pursuant to the Contract, the full amount of the claim or any portion thereof. Project Manager can now prepare the Change Order 8.4.4 Temporary Change Order docket: Complete Change Order (CO) Original Signatures are required in the «Recommended» box on left hand side of CO. Prepare or update Construction Contract Change Order Log. Any changes and/or claims for extra work done without prior official authorization in the form of a change order will not be recognized. The system provides a name or a list of names of companies that match the profile of the project defined by the Project Manager. SELECT can be used for either competitive or non-competitive sourcing. The selection is subject to a validation process by the Project Manager. Management in the client organization must be made fully aware where the nature of the change is disruptive, and agree to accept the consequences. Also, one change order can be issued to implement a number of CCN’s. The CCN (611) is a document utilized to identify changes for which the contractor is required to submit a quotation. The contractor’s proposal broken down in detail. A statement from the consultant that the price is fair and reasonable. A statement from the project manager that the change order has been reviewed and the level of effort and resulting proposal is fair and reasonable. The project manager (PM) is responsible to identify all deficiencies and direct the contractor to correct them. Under the standard PWGSC construction contract, the contractor must correct all deficiencies promptly as they occur.

Flexibility to deal with change during construction is built into the contract with the provision of unit rates and sums. Sufficient funds are available within the budget, commitments under section 32 of the FAA. Required level of contract amendment authority is readily available. The actual method will depend on complexity and value. This may be done by negotiation as outlined below or on a cost-plus basis as outlined in the contract. The contractor shall obtain written authorization from the PM for any change to contract documents prior to proceeding with any change or extra work to the contract.

Review with the contractor: the circumstances leading to the contemplated change; the contractor’s quotation, outlining areas of agreement with the departmental estimate and areas of significant disagreement, in that order. Top of Page 8.4 Management of Change Orders The Real Property Branch (RPB) has committed to a quality assurance program of change management to ensure that accurate contract change information is generated by managers. When dealing with the contractor on changes, the PM must only refer to the contract and not to departmental policies or guidelines. This will become the responsibility of the PM should the contract officer be absent. General: The objective is to reach agreement on an equitable price within a reasonable time. The contract provides three methods of determining the cost of a change: contract unit prices, negotiation and cost plus. Responsive proposals are then evaluated by a PWGSC selection team against criteria set up in the RFP. Subject to some clarifications, if necessary, the contract is awarded to the proponent that ranks first in the evaluation. Page Content​ Please use the refiners below to narrow the results.

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