Инструкция panasonic kx fp151

Mail Server The Internet Relay Station (your machine) must be properly setup with all the required parameters. Select “Detail”… Page 23: Redialing Redialing To redial the most recently dialed number, follow the steps below: Follow the step 1 and 2 on page 14. Select “Redial”. Confirm that this is the fax number that you want to send to, and then select “OK”. Press the Start key. Page 92: What Internet Fax Can Do, Sending Email What Internet Fax Can Do This section introduces the functions of the Internet Fax feature. Email is sent to the relay station, together with the fax number of the end receiving station.

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Page 67: Sub-addressed Transmission Using Address Book Sub-Addressed Transmission using Address Book To transmit a document by sub-addressing, follow the steps below: This feature can not be used when dialing from the external telephone. Press the Function key to open the Function Parameters screen. You can switch between the Email Addresses and fax numbers list by selecting “Email” or “Fax Number” button on the screen. The document is transmitted, reduced in size according to the setting of “141 LAN XMT Reduce” preprogrammed in Function Parameters (Fax/Email Settings>… Page 120 Setting Message Delivery Notice (MDN) To enable Message Delivery Notice feature, follow the procedures below. Page 103 Select “Email”. Enter an Email Address by selecting “Keyboard” or select a preprogrammed Email Address. Journal”. Select “On”, “Off”, or “Inc Only”, and then select “OK”. Select to print a Communication Journal after each transmission. The Internet Fax features does not only offer sending and receiving Email but forwarding fax documents via a telephone line or broadcasting them via a relay station. Please refer to the appropriate manual and keep all manuals for future reference. If you lose the manual, contact the authorized Panasonic dealer.

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Select “More Menus”. Select “Select Mode” Select “Comm. Page 3 Conventions Icons The following icons are used in this manual. Your machine cannot delete the file while it is being sent. Select “More Menus”. Select “Edit File Mode”. Select “Delete File”. Select a communication reservation file to be deleted, and then select “OK”. Page 161 Printing a Communication Reservation File Communication reservation files stored in memory can be printed. Select “More Menus”. Select “Edit File Mode”. Select “Print File”. Select to display the communication reservation file you want to print. This feature allows you to send the documents to multiple destinations without having to scan the same documents over again. It also allows you to retrieve your original(s) immediately without having to wait for the fax transmission to complete. Page 97 Memo… Page 98: Tips For Internet Fax Tips for Internet Fax Your machine uses the same communication protocols as Email: the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The differences from a standard G3 fax communication using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) are as follows. The default setting of cover sheet can be changed with “56 Cover Sheet (HOME)”… Page 77 Select “Cover Sheet”. Select “On”, and then select “OK”. Select to attach a cover sheet. Refer to Completion Notice of the Operating Instructions (For Setting Up) of provided booklet. The first 3-digit number represents the number of pages successfully transmitted.

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This machine can be connected to 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet LAN (local area network). Page 91: Using The Internet Fax Feature Routing You can forward fax documents or Email to an Internet Fax or networked computers. Follow the steps below: Place Original(s). If the platen is used, only one page can be transmitted at a time. Page 53 If a password is required, enter the password, and then select “OK”. If you have set the polling password in “26 Polling Password” in Function Parameters (Fax/Email Settings> Fax Parameters), the password will appear on the display. This section explains how to resend incomplete files stored in memory. 271KB PDF manual online NEEDED: The wireless microphone set above could benefit from the availability of mains-wired power.

Page 126: Receiving Email With The Program Key Receiving Email with the Program Key This function allows others to share your machine to retrieve their Emails from the POP Server by preprogramming their POP User Names and POP Passwords into the Program Keys. Page 110 Choose a destination, and then select “OK”. Only one Email Address can be selected at a time. Refer to Entering a Destination (see page 16). Page 78: Receiving Documents, Automatic Reception Chapter 4 Receiving Documents There are two ways to receive fax calls on this machine. Page 88: Printing A Document Received In Memory Printing a Document Received in Memory When a document is received in memory, a message is displayed. To print a document received in memory, follow the steps below: Press the Fax key. Journal” is set to “On” in the “More Menus”, a communication journal is printed at the end of each transmission communication. •… Page 75 Place Original(s). Refer to Placing Originals (Facsimile/Internet Fax) in the Operating Instructions (For Basic Operations) of provided booklet. Page 18: Using The Address Book Using the Address Book Use a Key Name If a destination is registered in the address book, it can be selected by using a Key Name. With the fax numbers or Email Addresses of remote stations programmed in the address book, the stations can be selected with a single operation on their button appearing on the touch-panel display.

Icon Indicated important information that must be read in detail. Internet FAX For instructions on how to receive Email, refer to Receiving an Email (see page 124). Page 94: Relay Transmission You can send documents to any G3 fax machine by using the Internet via a LAN from your machine to another Relay Station. Type Created Time Start Time Pages Destination(s) 020 Mem. Page 129: Opening Email Opening Email When you open an Email received from Internet Fax, the screen as shown below is displayed. Page 95: Message Delivery Notice (mdn) Message Delivery Notice (MDN) If the sender (Internet Fax) desires a processing confirmation, it must request a Message Delivery Notice when sending the message itself to a device supporting this notification function. Memory reception allows all incoming documents to be stored in memory, instead of printing them onto the output tray. If the memory reception feature has been set to “On” in Function Parameters, the message Receive to Memory appears on the touch-panel display. Page 131: Routing Setup Flow Routing Setup Flow Before the inbound routing feature can be used, the Function Parameters and address book programming is required. Page 87: Programming Memory Reception Programming Memory Reception To enable memory reception, follow the steps below: Press the Fax key. Email would be transmitted to an Email Address destination, while normal fax documents would be transmitted to a fax destination. Page 79: Manual Reception Manual Reception When your machine is set to this mode, it will not receive documents automatically. You can still change the password temporarily by overwriting it with a new one.

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