Инструкция для sony cyber-shot xbnfnm

The 1 Set the camera to shooting mode. Press button (T) to zoom in, W side to zoom out. Page 40: Image Size Image Size The image size determines the size of the image file that is recorded when you take a image. When the setting of the TV is set to Video, the picture quality is set to those suitable for movies.

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Page 62: Trimming (resize), Retouch Retouch Retouches a recorded image and saves it as a new file. The camera’s optical zoom function can enlarge images up to 7×. 1 Press the W/T (zoom) button. Page 33: Viewing Still Images Viewing still images 1 Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode. 2 Select an image with the control button. Internal memory On image data stored in the internal memory We recommend that you copy (back up) data without error using one of the following methods. The original image is retained. 1 Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode. 2 MENU t (Retouch) t desired mode t z on the control button 3 Perform retouching according to the operation method in each mode. This function lets the camera automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot the image. Page 43: Burst Settings Burst Settings You can select single-image mode or burst mode. 1 MENU t (Burst Settings) t desired mode (Single) Shoots a single image. (Burst) Shoots up to 100 images in succession when you press and hold down the shutter button. After making a USB connection, “PMB Portable” does not start. • Set [LUN Settings] to [Multi]. • Set [USB Connect] to [Auto] or [Mass Storage]. •… Page 115 Printing See “PictBridge-compliant printer” together with the following items. Resolution Selects the display quality on the LCD screen for shooting. 1 Set the camera to shooting mode. 2 MENU t (Settings) t t desired mode t z on the control button Standard Displays a standard-quality image for shooting.

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Page 71: Digital Zoom Digital Zoom Selects the digital zoom mode. There may be times when you cannot access the website because of server maintenance or for other reasons. Page 106 • To view a website, you will be redirected to it by the Sony server. Multiple Images You can select and print multiple images. Smile) (Slight Smile) Detects even a slight smile.

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The power zoom ring requires exactly half a turn to zoom the camera from 24 to 200mm. The AF illuminator emits red light allowing the camera to focus easily when the shutter button is pressed halfway, until the focus is locked. Page 94: Area Setting Area Setting Adjusts the time to the local time of a selected area. 1 MENU t (Settings) t desired setting t z on the control button Home You use the camera in your area. Auto Flash automatically operates in dark locations or when there is backlight. You can record images on the internal memory when there is no memory card inserted in the camera.

Use the menu when it is difficult to get the proper focus in auto focus mode. AF stands for “Auto Focus,” a function that adjusts the focus automatically. 1 MENU t (Focus) t desired mode (Multi AF) Focuses on a subject in all ranges of the finder frame automatically. This moisture condensation may cause a malfunction of the camera. • If moisture condensation occurs, turn off the camera and wait about an hour for the moisture to evaporate. Page 19: Intelligent Auto Adjustment Intelligent Auto Adjustment Allows you to shoot still images with the setting adjusted automatically. 1 Set the mode dial to 2 Shoot with the shutter button. Page 35: Image Index Image Index Displays multiple images at the same time. 1 Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode. 2 Press the (Index) button to display the image index screen. Viewing images taken with a different camera This camera creates a database file in a memory card and registers every shot image to it for later playback. Page 4 On moisture condensation • If the camera is brought directly from a cold to a warm location, moisture may condense inside or outside the camera. Page 38 On the movie viewing screen Select the image you want to display using b/B on the control button, and press z. The Playback bar appears, you can check a playback position of a movie. appears on the movie viewing screen. The larger the image size, the more detail will be reproduced when the image is printed on large- format paper. Check the following lists for the TV color system of the country or region where the camera is used.

Notes • You cannot play back panoramic images. •… Page 60 Interval Sets the screen switching interval. Page 34: Playback Zoom Playback zoom Plays back the enlarged image. 1 Press (Playback zoom) button during still image playback. Page 30: Flash, Slow Synchro Flash 1 Press (Flash) on the control button. 2 Select the desired mode with the control button. (Auto) Flash automatically operates in dark locations or when there is backlight. (On) Flash always operates. (Slow Flash always operates. Control button Note • You may not be able to play back some images shot using other cameras.

Page 32: Self-timer, Second Delay Self-timer Self-Timer 1 Press (Self-Timer) on the control button. 2 Select the desired mode with the control button. (Off) Does not use the self-timer. (10sec) Sets the 10-second delay self-timer. When you press the shutter button, the self-timer lamp flashes and a beep sounds until the shutter operates. This is convenient when searching for a function you want to view. When the smile level exceeds the b point on the indicator, the camera records images automatically. Cannot print an image. • Refer to the operation manual of the printer. Page 27: Movie Mode Movie Mode Allows you to record movies. 1 Set the mode dial to (Movie Mode). 2 Press the shutter button fully down. 3 To stop recording, press the shutter button fully down again.

Note • Flash mode is set to [Auto] or [Off]. On Scene Recognition Scene Recognition operates in Intelligent Auto Adjustment mode. Page 55 Registering the priority face (Selected-face Memory) Normally the camera automatically selects the face to focus on according to the [Face Detection] setting, but you can also select and register a face to be given priority. 1Press z on the control button during Face Detection. Page 100: Using With Your Computer Using with your computer “PMB” and other applications are contained on the CD-ROM (supplied) to allow more versatile use of images shot with your Cyber-shot camera. Page 53: Smile Detection Sensitivity Smile Detection Sensitivity Sets the sensitivity of the Smile Shutter function for detecting smiles. 1 MENU t (Smile Detection Sensitivity) t desired mode (Big Smile) Detects a big smile. (Normal Detects a normal smile. Page 69: Grid Line Grid Line With reference to the grid lines, you can easily set a subject in a horizontal/vertical position. 1 Set the camera to shooting mode. 2 MENU t (Settings) t desired mode t z on the control button Displays the grid lines. Use this function if image color appears unnatural. 1 MENU t (White Balance) t desired mode (Auto) Adjusts the white balance automatically so that the colors appear natural. (Daylight) Adjusts for outdoors conditions on a fine day, evening views, night scenes, neon signs, fireworks, etc. When the currently set area differs from your home area, you must make the Area Setting. One bit which I may add to the manual, over and above what Sony has provided is exact instructions for using the power zoom ring which has so far defeated every reviewer I’ve been able to find. Page 117: Warning Messages Warning messages If the following messages appear, follow the instructions. • The battery level is low.

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